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“Michael P. Sullivan, for my money, has the best handle in America on the sales/marketing of investments to the aging.”
                  .…Nick Murray in his book, The Excellent Investment Advisor

More than one million financial advisors, brokers, insurance agents and bankers have been inspired to change their selling approach to Boomers by hearing Mike Sullivan’s provocative words, and acting on his everyday do’s and don’ts.

Boomers are the most critical market for advisor sales success. They are in their peak earning and savings years. They are living longer. Their retirement planning drives more money into investable asset accounts.

Why Mike?

He has done it all. He speaks at virtually every type of venue …. from major national and regional meetings to branch offices sales meetings, as well as webinars and teleconferences. He has been a keynote speaker for organizations like the Million Dollar Round Table,  Financial Planning Association, and the Bank Insurance and Securities Association as well as privately sponsored industry conferences.