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“Michael P. Sullivan, for my money, has the best handle in America on the sales/marketing of investments to the aging.”
                  .…Nick Murray in his book, The Excellent Investment Advisor

Key Presentation: Selling Retirement Income Products to Boomers

Boomers are demanding solutions to help them create, maintain and manage suitable levels of retirement income for as long as needed. Two-thirds of 65-year-olds will reach age 85 creating a huge, continuing market for managing retirement income.

As one national sales manager describes it, Mike provides forehead-smacking “aha moments” – insights and instructions that make advisors wiser, more compassionate and more effective. He shows them what makes Boomers tick. He teaches them how to identify the emotional hot buttons that drive Boomers’ long-term financial decisions and how advisors can connect the product’s benefits to those motivational hot buttons. 

In this dynamic presentation, your advisors will discover...

• Today’s Boomer Mega-Market Opportunity
• The Retirement Good News! -- $40 Trillion in the Investable Asset Pool
• How Boomers’ Formative Years Life Experiences Shape Their Attitudes
• Techniques for Dealing with Visual and Hearing Changes that Affect Everyday Life
• Right Brain Selling Through Visual Imagery, Stories and Emotional Connections 
• His “10 Tips for Selling to Boomers” Provides Sales Techniques to Boomer Values


Additional Presentations

• Finding the Gold in Gray: Keys to Selling To Boomers and Older Clients

•Information on how older adults differ from younger people in biology, psychology and life experiences.
•How those changes affect the sales process with specific actions for an advisor.
•Practical tips for advisors to deepen client relationships and create more business.


•Life Events and How to Use 30 that Move Money

•“What’s going on in your life?” A simple question? Maybe! But the answer often unlocks sales opportunities you haven’t even thought. By showing you how to help clients deal with life events, you gather more sales.
•This presentation shows you 30 different life experiences that move money (and gives you a ripe opportunity for more business.)


•Know Your Customer: Product Suitability and Finding and Keeping Older Affluent Clients

•You have to get your recommendations right and clients need to understand why and how you’ve arrived at these recommendations. More importantly, have you communicated them in ways you can understand. This session show you how to do that!